Secret 7 Reveals The Artists And Designers For Its Final Show This Autumn

Secret 7

Secret 7: It is back with the seventh and the final show, revealing the list of artists and designers for this autumn.


All you need to know about Secret 7”

Secret 7 is a charity record sleeve sale show with the aim of helping the refugees. Earlier, the show had feature fine artists like David Shrigley, Jenny Helzer, and Peter Blake. The show announced this year, the seven tracks for which the creative artists will design covers.


In the final show of Secret 7”, tracks from Foo Fighters, Vampire Weekend, and much more will be given an exceptional artwork to raise money for belonging, refugees.

Secret 7”, initially started in 2012, follows 700 designers creating some kind of sleeve designs, which are only limited to 7”, based on seven distinctive chosen tracks.

The artwork is later showcased in a free exhibition at the NOW Gallery, on Greenwich Peninsula, London. It will begin from October 14 and end on November 1.

On the last day of the exhibition, the artwork is sold off to the public, with all the provisions to help refugees. Moreover, the identity of artists is kept as a secret until the piece of artwork is sold.

Secret 7” Final Show Updates!

The final year records include Aretha Franklin’s ‘One Step Ahead’, Vampire Weekend’s ‘Harmony Hall’, and Foo Fighters ‘This Is A Call’.

It will also feature Bob Dylan’s ‘Blind Willie Mc Tell’, The Internet’s ‘Come Over’, Koffee’s ‘Toast’, and Miles Davis track ‘Miles Runs The Voodoo Dawn’.

final show

The tracks will be adapted into new artwork by famous artists such as film director Michel Gondry, Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson, Sir Anish Kapoor, and many more.

Moreover, the full list of contributors and other details is now available on the official website of the show.

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