See why Ren & Stimpy Reboot Reignited the Debate Around Animation Gatekeepers

On 5th August, a reboot to a classic cartoon Ren and Stimpy show was announced. The 1991 cartoon had dynamic visuals and heavily exaggerated animation and aesthetics. Not only the show was controversial in public but behind scenes as well. John Kricfalusi is the creator of the show. The show has a sordid history due to the creator’s inability to complete on time. Also, there were certain episodes that were edited or refused to air by Nick.


Why John Kricfalusi was “cancelled”?

However, in 2018,  this sordid history of the show reached an impassable point wherein it was reported that the creator John Kricfalusi is dating a 16-year-old girl during the show’s production. This act of sexual predation was surely too far and the creator was canceled. So when the animation twitter heard the news of the reboot of the show, they revolted. The reboot to the show will not bring any credits or residuals to the creator but it’s like insulting the victims of his actions. Ren and Stimpy and John Kricfalusi are intertwined and there is nothing that can untie that connection between the two.

Ren and Stimpy
Ren & Stimpy

The controversy about the show’s reboot epitomizes a broad response to Gatekeepers of the animation. This field has been toxic and demeaning across the board. Many animators opposed the Ren and Stimpy Reboot including Lauren Faust. She has expressed her support to the victims of Kricfalusi D’actions. And her agreement against the opposition seems to be quite interesting. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic in another show brimming with controversies with toxic gatekeepers. Lauren Faust was the creative mind behind the 2010 reboot of the show.

John Kricfalusi was a gatekeeper in his own way. And it seems that Ren and Stimpy shows have a long way to go in order to break the classic gatekeeper visions. No doubt there are shows on whose voices to uplift that are best left in the past.


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