Selena + Chef : Everything About This Quarantine Special Comedy on HBO Max

Selena + Chef: Remember how you planned to spend this time of crisis by learning new skills at home?
Well, when you are a star like Selena Gomez you may just sell that concept to a streaming network. Back in May, the news of Gomez’s cooking show felt quite challenging for the show business as production had to pack up due to the pandemic.
But Gomez fans are quite happy to see the cooking television show on HBO Max which premiered surprisingly on 13 August.
Selena Gomez is playing the role of an enthusiastic but unskilled chef who decided to up their productivity game during the last several months in quarantine, allowing her to be silly throughout the three episodes (so far) and produce some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments.



What’s it about?

‘Selena + Chef’ might be a successful piece of original programming for HBO Max, tapping into Gomez’s star power and thus the trend of learning a brand new skill while stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. The recently launched streamer is tapping into the surge in home cooking that’s occurred in recent months, looking to reach the consumers who hunt down recipe ideas and tips on platforms like Pinterest.
In Selena+Chef, Gomez learns to cook different dishes with the assistance of various pro chefs, who connect over video chat. The digital integration with Pinterest leverages Gomez’s popularity on social media to spread the word to users, many of whom use the social network to look for and share recipes.


Over the course of ten episodes, Selena Gomez will be joined by celebrities from the Hollywood and music industries. We will also see some guest appearances by star chefs likes Ludo Lefebvre, Antonia Lofaso, Angelo Sosa, Candice Kumai, Daniel Holzman, Nancy Silverton, Nyesha Arrington, Roy Choy, Jon and Vinny, and Tanya Holland.

Our takeC

Selena plus Chef isn’t going to replace some big-budget fantasy epic that’s currently on hold. But for a late-night food show, and Gomez as your cook in the kitchen learning how to make a French omelet or ramen, it is delicious.

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