Selena Gomez On Her Key To Improving Mental Health: ‘I’ve Never Stopped Asking For Help’

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Selena Gomez: In today’s time when a peaceful lifestyle and good mental health should be considered a blessing. There are a lot of celebrities who have been struggling in order to have a good state of mind. With an ample of stars coming up and sharing their struggles of fighting against depression and other issues, its definitely the need of the hour to help those who need the attention regarding it. One such celebrity is the popular sensation, Selena Gomez who has been struggling with her own mental health that involves her professional and personal lives.


“I’ve tried a ton of different things, but the one thing I’ve never stopped doing is asking for help,” Gomez shared. “That was the hardest part, but I truly believe that that’s why I’m stronger. This is something that is the most important thing in the world to me ’cause it’s my mental health. She further added saying, “I’m professional and I work very hard. At the same time, I do deal with mental health [issues] and I wanted that to also be known,” she continued. “In the beginning, it seemed hopeless. Sometimes it was a challenge for me to even get out of bed. I was like, ‘Why can’t I be like you guys?’ Over the years I’ve finally found my rhythm, but it took me time.”


Selena Gomez

On the professional front:

The 28-year-old singer is nowadays busy working hard for the launch of her exclusive beauty line. The launch is expected to be on Thursday. Selena Gomez in a recent interview also talked about her feeling insecure at times of not being pretty. Later she accepts that one might have such thoughts sometimes and that it’s perfectly fine to feel so. Gomez has been coping well with her mental health and issues as she seems quite satisfied and content with herself. She said the stigma what would people think should be left behind and continue in believing in oneself. As she said she is not a stigma but a person that walks their life.

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