Selena: Release date, cast, plot, and much more!

Selena Netflix

Selena: The biographical drama with a musical theme is about to release soon. The biography is being produced and created specially for Netflix. The biography of Selena Quintanilla Perez will focus on her since she was a child.


If you love music, and you are looking for an inspiration, you must watch this series as it will keep you entertained and give you a sense into the world of music.



Selene was not only just an American singer, she was also a model and actress. Most times the singer even used to write the songs she sang, and was also a spokesperson. The biography featuring her life since her childhood days, will also reveal the various moments of the life. Both good and bad moments will be showed.

The makers of the show have said that the storyline of the biography will be an age story.

Selena the series


No official date of premier of Selena has been announced yet. But, Netflix did reveal that the first part of the biography will make its debut in this year only, that is 2020. The assumption is that the first part will feature five to six episodes. They will have a duration of fifty to sixty minutes.


The main title role of Selena will be played by the American actress, Christian Serratos who is thirty years old. She is mainly known for her role in the walking dead series. Apart from her, the series has five more characters. They will be played by  Madison Taylor Baez who is a music prodigy and a musical artist.

The cast also includes Seidy López who will play the character of Deborah. Noemi Gonzalez, who is a twenty seven year old American actress and thirty one year old American-Hispanic actor Gabriel Chavarria will also be seen in the series. Ricardo Chavira will also be seen.


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