Seriously Single- When will it release on Netflix? What are fans expecting?

The upcoming movie Seriously Single is all set to release on the streaming giants, Netflix. The movie is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Seriously Single will be joining the popular and ever-growing genre of romantic comedies, gone are the days when America was the dominant force in the rom-com genre. Fans have high expectations from the show and are looking forward to its release. Till then we are here to give you all the updates on the upcoming movie.


Release date: Seriously Single


It has been confirmed by the OTT giants that the movie Seriously Single will be releasing on July 31st, 2020. Just like you, we are also hyped up about the movie and can’t wait to watch the romantic comedy.


Plot: Seriously Single

It has been confirmed that the storyline will be revolving around two individuals and how do they deal with the fact of being single. One person is desperately looking for love everywhere she can and the other person is embracing the feeling of being single without worrying about the future and will she find love or not. One is looking for a partner when she falls in love that will define forever in her life and one has some serious commitment issues in love. So, let’s see where do their lives to take them and what will be the next step of these individuals.

The plot seems very interesting and we can assume that this movie will be a huge fan favorite and will be embraced by its audience.

Cast: Seriously Single

The confirmed cast list of the movie is as followed:

Fulu Mugovhani as Dineo
Tumi Morake as Noni
Bohang Moeko as Lunga
Yonda Thomas as Max

Hence, we are sure that there will be more cast members and familiar faces joining the team.

Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates on your favorite shows and movies!

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