Seven Deadly Sins, everything you need to know about the new season.

Seven Deadly Sins is yet another manga series turned into a televised version because of its popularity. It was premiered in October 2014. The series gained its popularity as a shounen manga named ‘Nanatsu no Taizai’.


Nanatsu no Taizai is one iconic anime series about seven strong Knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins.


General Trivia:

Seven Deadly sins is a show set up in the mediaeval Liones is the princess of the kingdom.
The Throne of the king is overthrown and the royal family is held captive by Holy Knights, who were primarily meant to protect the kingdom.
The show is about journey of Elizabeth and The Seven Deadly Sins. And how they go on to save the kingdom from the Holy Knights.


Elizabeth, the Princess of Liones Kingdom, is set on a journey to save her family and her kingdom from Holy Knights who betrayed their king and imprisoned the royal family.

Elizabeth had to face a lot hardships in her journey. In order to save her family and her Kingdom she has to find the Seven deadly sins.

Seven Deadly Sins

She first finds ‘Meliodas’ the leader of the seven deadly sins. And now with the help of him she finds the other members.

About the series: Seven deadly sins

The series is an action packed series. It has some quality fight scenes. The amazing part is that the fight scenes are worth watching with the very well illustrations.

The series also offers us a love story between the main characters of the show.

The series has a lot to offer with amazing illustrations, magnificent fight scenes, a good storyline. The cherry on the cake is the music. The series has three parts as of now. And it is streaming on Netflix.


Season Four: Seven deadly sins

Seven deadly sins  Season three ended with several revelations made about Meliodas. We get to know that he is been cursed with immortality. Love is still there in between Elizabeth and Meliodas. We can expect a new fight this season.

The series will get its renewal in the month of July. We still don’t have an exact date for its release. But we can anticipate it in the first week of July.

The show will be aired on Netflix. We still don’t have a trailer for the new season.

The announcement of the new show was made by Netflix via Twitter.


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