Several TikTok videos about the movie 365 days got cut

The controversial film 365 days was streaming on Netflix, and was featured among the trending top ten films. But at the same time there were a lot of people who wanted the network to remove it. But as we all know that this did not happen.


But the TikTok app took an initiative and removed several videos of the film, as they were violating the terms of use of the app. It has become important that we understand coercion is not romantic.


UPDATES – 365 days

A lot of routines, and other short videos get viral on the Tiktok network. Some are crazy and some are just so addictive that you keep playing them on a loop. The videos related to this sex filled film were imitating scenes from the film.

The people also tried to use the film as a way to joke about a serious matter which is sexual violence. People showed their bruises and posted weird captions related to same. These violated the agreement of the video app.

365 days

ABOUT THE FILM- 365 days

According to the people who were signing petitions to remove the film from the streaming site, the film talks about forced love and tries to portray it in a romantic sense. There were various complaints as to how a different version of a mental syndrome called Stockholm is represented.

While the challenge and the hashtag related to the film got viral on TikTok there were certain violation of the community guidelines. This obviously lead to removal of the videos.

A woman gets kidnapped by a mafia don who claims that he will make her fall in love with him within a year that is three hundred sixty-five days. Although he swears that he will not even touch her during that time, we see that this erotic drama somewhere showed sexual violence.


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