She Is The Ocean Trailer released: In theaters from October 16

She Is The Ocean

She Is The Ocean:  A journey of nine extraordinary women across all corners of the globe, But all these women are United by the same sea and their love and dedication for the water they try to protect and preserve it.


It is a journey of natural beauty and human empathy. She is the ocean is a movie about powerful women with depth unknown. A woman is like the ocean: a true force of nature, Her blood is the ocean. A documentary profiling powerful women.


The most needed film in these hard times, where nine women who are protagonists and inspiring everyone with their love and empathy towards humanity. All the women from different corners of the globe are sharing one love- the love for the deep ocean.

The release date for She is the ocean

Fox decided to release it on October 16, and they decided to release it on virtual and traditional cinema. Combining the story of 9 women and creating a portrait and creating a woman’s life for the love of the ocean in all the ages.

Blue Fox’s James Huntsman says that they are proud of working with Inna and very thankful for bringing such amazing stories to the world. And getting these touching stories to the audience. Inna Blokhina is a German filmmaker, and this is a second feature film.

Who will be featuring in the film?

Teen surfing prodigy Cinta Hansel; pro surfers Coco Ho, Keala Kennelly, Andrea Moller, and Jeannie Chesser; German high diver and seven-time European cliff diving champ Anna Bader; free-diver and ballet dancer Rose Molina; shark conservationist and freediver Ocean Ramsey; and the first female chief scientist of the U.S., Sylvia Earle. They are ranging in age from 12 to 83.


The story will combine all these women and portrayed them and create an inspiring story. This movie originally premiered at the Ocean Film Festival in 2018. 

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