Sherni Ending Explained – Did Vidya Manage To Save The Tigers?

A wildlife story is much needed at this hour. So we should tell you that you shall brace yourself for a great story in Sherni. The show can be found on Amazon Prime OTT and was released back in June 2021.


Since the release of this tale, it has been getting good responses around the platform. The director is Amit V. Masurkar and is a good piece to watch right now. People have been saying that it reminds them of Newton which starred Rajkummar Rao. It tells us a compelling story and is packed with emotional moments. But, still there are still questions left unanswered for this movie.


Sherni: What is the plot of the movie?

It has an interesting plotline. The story consists of a National Park in Madhya Pradesh which seems to have a tiger problem. We see the character of Vidya Vincent, who is holding the position of DFO. She is shown to us as a person who is really passionate about her line of work.

We see a number of tiger attacks in the region. Moreover, these attacks are coupled with politics. This is because there is one groups which wants the tigers to die but there is another group which wants to see the tigers to be saved.

Sherni: The Ending of the movie?

The problem with the ending seems to be the question whether the cubs are saved or not. We see that they have located the cubs. So, Nangia asks Pintu to hunt the cubs but this is done in a weird fashion. She says it in complete silence.

All the media and politics that we see in the show continuously are getting ignored in the ending. But, it seems that Pintu is not able to take the shot. At the end, she sees and hugs the cubs.

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