Shooters Season 4: how did the previous season end? Ending explained.

Shooters Season 4

Shooters Season 4 – Shooters is an American drama series based on the novel, Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter. The season three finale which aired in September 2018 may well have been the last one because there has been no news of renewal. The series aired on the USA network and has been cancelled after low ratings. However, it is possible that Netflix or some other network renews the show.


Season 3 Ending explained:


The third season of Shooters was titled “Red light” and it snipped off almost all the lingering plot threads.


In the penultimate episode, Bob Lee Swagger and his colleagues- Issac, Nadine and Harris finish their mission of taking down Atlas with some help from law enforcement and other government officials. Bob saves Supreme Court justice Gibson and other officials from an Atlas bomber inside a safe house.

The President makes Harris Chief of Staff and offers Nadine and Issac the opportunity to take over to lead Atlas.Shooters Season 4  They accept it, agree to examine Atlas’ past mission and try their best to fix whatever can be fixed. They also change the underground group’s name to Prometheus.

Shooters Season 4

Who is Harris?

Harris- the new chief of staff, forces Red Bama Sr. to resign from the government which angers him and he is also fearful that Bob Lee might be trying to kill him for ordering the death of his father. Red asks Bob Lee for a truce which Lee agrees on the condition that Red leaves Texas. Bob Lee agreed because he wanted to fix his marriage with Julie and also his relationship with his daughter, Lary. But this was all a sham and Red hired hitmen to kill Bob Lee at his ranch and everyone around not knowing that Lee and his wife decided to take a break and so he moved elsewhere. Bob Lee is unable to save her and Julie is shot in the shoulder by a hitman and is ultimately killed by a sniper hiding in the hills with Red.

Shooters Season 4  : Three months later, Harris gives Nadine a top-secret mission but she refuses to tell it to Issac. The ends on a snowy Canadian mountain. Red is hiding in a remote mountain cabin, Swagger calls him and tells him that he committed a mistake by messing with his family and shoots him right through his head. When Bob Lee stands up and there is a sweet montage of memories with his wife. The series ends as he walks alone, on the mountain, away from his kill.

The most important question that remained unanswered was why was Nadine hiding the top-secret case from her partner Issac? Another important question that remains unanswered is whether Bob Lee changes his mind and joins Prometheus or he decides to live a simple life and look after his daughter Mary.


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