Shrill Season 3- Has the production started? Is it delayed due to Covid-19?

Shrill Season 3, Another American comedy-drama series, SHRILL is an adaptation of a novel namely, Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West. The series was developed for Hulu and premiered on March 15, 2019. The series has two seasons till now, the first season which aired in 2019 and the second season which aired recently in June 2020.


PREMISE of Shrill Season 3


The story portrays a very strong woman character, Annie, who is at times clumsy and face everyday struggles of body – shaming. She is extremely overweight but determined to change her life and not to change herself. She believes in herself and certainly never going to change herself for anyone. The story is a perfect mix of reality and humor. Annie wants to be a journalist as she goes around with her life criticizing about bad boyfriends, sick parents, and her perfectionist boss. She is often put up as a second priority because of her weight. We see her character growing strong as the story moves on.

SEASON 3 of Shrill Season 3

In March 2020, even before the second season premiered, Hulu announced the renewal of the series for a third season. So fans can sit back and relax, as the third season is confirmed news!


RELEASE DATE of Shrill Season 3

Here is disappointing news, the release date for the third season has not been set. According to our sources, the production work could not begin due to the ongoing situations of the pandemic. Just like the coronavirus outbreak has delayed the release of our other favorite shows, so has it done to Shrill. The release will definitely move up to 2021, because of the global pandemic. We have no choice, but to wait for updates from the network.

CAST of Shrill Season 3

  • Aidy Bryant as Annie Easton
  • Luka Jones as Lolly Adefope
  • Patti Harrison
  • John Cameron Mitchell
  • Ian Owens

EXPECTED PLOT of Shrill Season 3

In the second season, we saw Annie break-up with her all-time on and off boyfriend, Ryan. Aidy Bryant revealed that this season would largely focus on Annie overcoming her insecurities and accepting herself. To know more about the storyline we will have to wait.

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