Sidemen Blind Dating: What Happened in the Dating Game?

The first question that people might ask would be – what is the Sidemen Blind Dating game. So, firstly let us start with what it is. Well, as the name suggests that it is a blind dating game. There are many fans of this game and it is quite popular on Youtube.


It comes as part of their weekly Sidemen Sundays. This youtuber uploads one high quality video every weekend. So, the concept of the game is simple that several men or women are pitted against one another in this game about dating. All of these people appear as guests on the show.


Sidemen Blind Dating: The History of the show

The first episode of the game came way back in the year 2019. The first episode had 4 women namely, Tara-Rose Moore, Sophie Wright, Ella Maybarden, and Julie Cloke. In the first episode of the show was won by none other than KSI. His partner was Tara-Rose Moore. He managed to defeat everyone and answered all the questions correctly. Hence, he was deemed the first winner of the show.

If you do not know Sidemen, then you should understand that it is a group of 7 Youtubers who include some of the biggest people whom you’ve heard on Youtube.

Sidemen Blind Dating: Sidemen Sundays

This is another group that the people of Sidemen came up with to upload weekly content. They have number of sister channels which are used to for uploading different types of content.

You should also know this before the creation of this channel, it was used to telecast the charity football matches of Sidemens. This channel was created in the year 2018, and since then it has been put to good use. Most of these dating videos do not essentially mean anything when it comes to what happens after the game ends.

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