Siesta Key Season 4 Episode 6 Everything You Need To Know

It is time for some information about Siesta Key! Well, we are sure that you all know that the show recently aired its sixth episode. This is an American reality TV show and airs on the MTV network.


The show came back in the year 2017. It has been going strong since then and no sign of slowing down can be seen. Further, we can see that with each season, the popularity of the show has been getting higher and higher. The show casts uliette Porter, Madison Hausburg, Brandon Gomes, Kelsey Owens, Garrett Miller, Chloe Trautman, Amanda Miller, and Sam Logan as their leads.


Siesta Key: The Plot of the show

The show places us in between of a group of friends. They undergo heartbreak, love and other situations. Their lives are kind of different from most people going through adulthood. They spend their lives in an isolated island away from civilization. As we had said earlier, this show has had 3 seasons in the past. All of them have been equally successful and a four season is now airing.

So, five successful episodes have hit the platform as of now. So, it is now time for episode number 6 of the show.

Siesta Key: Release Date of Episode 6

Episode 6 of the show is going to be called “You Don’t Seem Like the Caring Type”. The episode will be airing on June 23rd, 2021 at 8/7C on the MTV network. This fourth season of the show has got on the charts for some time now. There has not been a long period since it dropped and is already making headway.

Now, for the people who want to watch the latest episode of the show, we have to tell you that it can be streamed through the official website of MTV.

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