Sister Wives Season 16: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

sister wives

Sister Wives season 16 is all set to release on your TV screen, but it will take some time. This show was 1st premiered in 2016, and recently the 15th season has been finished and the 16th season is all set to hit your TV screen.


Sister Wives


This show shows the story of a polygamist Kody Browns family.  Kody Brown has 4 wives and 18 children and they live in Arizona. And this overview of the story is enough to excite the audience.

Previous story of Sister Wives

In the previous episode of Sister Wives that is season 15. The story left us in a cliffhanger that is we get to know that Kody and his first wife Meri are getting divorced or not.  

In season 15, Kody’s wives have their own opinion on whom he should stay with during the pandemic. But Kody didn’t agree and started living in a temporary house. 

And in further scenes, we can see that a lot of tension occurs between him and his first wife. And they made it clear to the audience that they are not interested at all in continuing this marriage anymore.

Sister Wives Season 16 release date

The exact date of release of Sisters Wives Season 16 is not yet announced but most probably it will release in the dawn of 2022. The last season that is season 15, was released in early winter this year. 

It was released in February 2021. The TLC has not declared anything about the new season’s release, but assumptions are there that it will broadcast early in the winter of next year means 2022.

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Expectations from Season 16

According to the assumption and where the story ended in season 15. It is expected that the story of Sister Wives season 16 will revolve around Kody and Meri’s relationship.

According to the reports, Meri is just faking of her relationship for the sake of the show. Most probably she will over her relationship with Kody, but it is not confirmed yet. Meri and Kody went for marriage counseling, but the counseling didn’t turn out great and nothing changed. 

So, let’s see what will happen in season 16 of Sister Wives. Whether the family will stay together or do they part ways?

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