Skater XL launch Date detained, But Not By Much

Skater XL – Finally the long wait for a decent skateboarding game is over. However, you will not be getting one! A total of three games is dropping by you all at once.


Some leaks out there in the air speck that Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding game and a possible Skate 3 Mobile Game is on its way.


Skater XL, a brand new game has been announced and will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via a live stream on 7th July. The developer of the game is Easy Day Sudios came up with the above information.

If you are interested in knowing a bit more about the game then you can look into the trailer of Skater XL. This video is the latest press release which contains more details about this brand new game.

The game is coming This Summer with a plenty of interesting stuff that will be attracting the skateboard game lovers.

It will be billed as “first ever skateboarding title to give direct control of the feet and board at all times,” which will allow the players to find some really cool tricks. Hopefully it will not be too realistic otherwise you might take too many months just to figure out the trick to do a kickflip.

Skater XL is however currently available on Steam in Early Access form and has been receiving a bunch of positive reviews from the users. Some players are saying that this is a “true skateboarding simulator” and therefore it promises a lot of things from now only.


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