Sky Castle Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Information

Sky Castle Season 2: When the first season of this Korean web series air for the first time in the screens, it received a great response. Sky Castle is popular among people of all parts of the globe because of its amazing storyline and a commendable job by the cast of the show. Kdramas are definitely a good watch which makes the audience engrossed throughout the flow of the plot. The series is back again with its second season releasing soon. Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Castle Season2.


Release Date of Sky Castle Season 2:

The previous season of Sky Castle wrapped up in February last year. Its been a year since fans are waiting for the production to officially announce the release of the second edition of this series. However, no declarations have been made by the makers of Sky Castle as to when the show is scheduled to air. Moreover, season 2 of Sky Castle has also not been renewed up till now.  Though we can expect the show to drop out by 2021 if the makers have the idea of renewing the show.


The Cast of Sky Castle Season 2:

The show is a massive hit because of its exceptionally good star cast including Yum Jung-Ah as Han Seo-Jin, Jung Joon- ho in the role of Kang Joon-sang, Kim Hye- Yoon as Kang Ye-Seo, Lee Ji- Won as Kang Ye- Bin, Lee Tae- Ran as Lee Soo-Im, Choi Won-Young as Hwang Chi-Young, Kang Chan- Hee acting as Hwang Woo- Joo, Kim Byung- Chul as Cha Min-Hyuk, Park Yoo- Na as Cha Se- Ri, Kim Dong- Hee in the role of Cha Seo- Joon, Joe Byeong- Gyu as Cha Ki- Joon, Oh Na- Ra playing the role of Jin Jin- Hee, and Jo Jae- Yun as Woo Yang- Woo and many more.

Sky Castle Season 2

The storyline of Sky Castle Season 2:

The show is a satirical drama and is based upon the idea of money power by wealthy urban families in order to fulfill their wishes. The story revolves around four wives residing in an urban luxurious residential area, Sky Castle who are working endlessly to make their husbands excel in their work and to grow their children like prince and princess so that become top students in top universities.

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