Solo leveling season 2- Can Sun Jin-woo become the most powerful hunter? What is the potential story line?

Solo leveling season 2- Solo leveling is a South Korean action-fantasy anime web series based on the web novel “Solo Leveling” by Chu-Gong. The novel was published by D & C Media and has been licensed to publish in English with the title ‘Only I Level Up’. The series has created a fan base, got much love from the audience, and has been rated 8.94/10 by Manhwa, it is also on number 12 on the list of Manhwa. So far, only one season has been released and the viewers are waiting for the second season.




Release Date: Solo Leveling Season 2:

Season one of the series was broadcasted in 2018 and finished the last episode of season one in March 2020. The show has been extremely successful after the release and fans are continuously asking for season 2. The date of season two was scheduled to be disclosed by May 2020 but there are no updates from the producer or directors’ side. There can be possible delays in the release of season 2 and maybe viewers need to wait till the end of 2021.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Cast: Solo Leveling Season 2:

To date, there is no update regarding the season 2 of Solo Leveling even the cast members are not revealed yet. But from sources, it is got to know, that all the previous actors and actress will be reprising their role in the upcoming season. Still, the names of new characters are yet not revealed and we need to wait a bit to know the confirmed characters. As of now, the following characters will be back:
Go Joon-hee
Gyeong Hye-Park
Hwang Chi-yeul
Park Hee-Jin


Plot: Solo Leveling Season 2:

The story is set in a world of monsters, where the group of ‘predators’ fight with these monsters. But the protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo does not have any special power like others. He is the E Hunter among predators. In season 1, two gates were revealed one to the other and another one to the world. Also in the previous season, we saw that Jin-Woo was on hunt maybe in season two all the problems that he’ll be facing on the hunt will be shown.


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