Sony Reveal Next gen PS5 Console

Sony is finally going to reveal what will the actual look of PlayStation 5. Nearly after an hour of the PS5 game announcements, Sony revealed the hardware design after testing it for the time duration of its PS5 live event that took place on 11th June.


The PlayStation 5 was a completely unknown quantity except the leached tech specs that have been out till now. But finally, Sony has made the best move. Sony has given a confident presentation which consisted of impressive games, strong production values and even the hardware of the console itself.


The design of the hardware is divisive. The PS5 looks more like the gleaming new wing of a Chinese Airport Terminal than a piece of AV equipment. Unlike the Xbox Series X, you can actually fit it into the TV stand horizontally.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to be really fascinating competitors in terms of the pixel-peep cross-platform game comparisons.


The PlayStation chief Jim Ryan said that the PS5 “marks the biggest generational transition our industry has yet seen.”

Sony presented the best look yet at what we can all expect from the next generation of video games and now the focus goes on what will Microsoft bring for the Xbox series X. But currently Microsoft is drawing the focus of the customers on the subscription services and play-anywhere compatibility. Whereas the PS5 has the same targets as that of the PS4. The main concern is to make a box that will be easy for the developers, support a wide range of games and draw a huge amount of money from the exclusive console games. The scheme worked really well for the PS4 but there is doubt whether it will work for the PS5 or not.

Now, all that remains to be known is the price.


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