South Park: A special episode talking about coronavirus is coming soon

South Park was paused and it has been 9 months since the last episode of it was premiered. And it will be coming with a special pandemic special episode.


 South Park -giving out a special episode on Coronavirus?

South Park will be returning with a special episode on the Pandemic. It will be a one-hour episode.


The episode will be titled ‘The Pandemic Special’.On Tuesday, it has been announced by the Comedy Central that the show will air on 30th September 2020 at 8 PM. And after 24 hours it will be available on HBO Max.

The plot of Pandemic Special

The episode will be just like how we all are spending our real-life being absurd as well as reckless. It is going to throw the spotlight on kids going back to the school while we all are witnessing that Randy Parker is taking advantage of the pandemic in “a pandemic special”.

Irony! Comedy Central even released a teaser for The Pandemic Special Episode. It is 30 seconds long and is like other episodes of South Park, in an institution satire.

South Park

The teaser of the show

The teaser says “I am very proud to announce a Pandemic Special South Park episode”. Kids are fighting over for going back to school. And saying each other that they don’t want to go back to slavery. Showing students sitting in class while wearing big isolation glasses. Discussing the 2020 problems due to Coronavirus.

In other news, HBO near about spent $500 million for the right streaming and has been renewed for 3 more seasons. But it has been a little unclear about the episodes in a week.

In 23 years of South Park its been the first-ever episode which is going to be a one-hour episode. Yes, there were long stories but have been separated in shorter ones. For eg. A long story was earlier divided into many parts and aired for up to 3 three weeks.


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