Southern Survival Season 2: Expected release date, storyline, cast plot, and everything you need to know

Southern Survival Season 2 – Netflix’s algorithm is smart but the people running Netflix are smarter. Because what better way there is to engage and captivate the audience than through an outdoor survival reality show when more than half the human population is under lockdown or has just emerged out of lockdown because of a pandemic. So yes, the first season of Southern Survival is going good.


Expected release date of the second season:

Southern Survival aired for the first time on Netflix on 3 July 2020. Netflix generally renews shows based on viewership and it usually takes a few weeks to analyze the viewerships of the series so we would have to wait at least for a month or two to hear any official announcement. This combined with the fact that most of the scenes of the series are shot outdoors and it’s very difficult to do that while a pandemic is razing on means that viewers might have to wait for at least until the late 2021 or even later for the second season- it’s very hard to predict.


Southern Survival Season 2

Storyline and Plot

The crew members tackle problems based on a particular theme in each episode of the show.

Thus, there is a fire-themed episode featuring matches that can’t be extinguished and fireproof fabrics. In an episode titled ‘Escape’ the crew tries to get out of an underwater car. Each episode is more thrilling and exciting than the last. In addition to the various safety measures, the crew also takes precautions against natural calamities such as earthquakes, mudslides and hurricanes. The series is informative and there is a lot that the viewers can learn from the safety measures taken by the crew.

If the show returns for a second season, we can expect similar adventures and theme based challenges. The tone of the show is one of the main attractions of the show and so it is expected that it won’t be changed.

Cast – Southern Survival Season 2

The show features the crew members of a survival and outdoor company Battlbox. The crew members Daniel, Brandon, Steve and Mikki face various challenges. It is likely that they will be a part of the second season too, if there is a second season. Although it is possible that some new members might be added.


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