Southern survival season 2-is it delayed due to coronavirus? Is the production at halt?Tap to know release,cast,plot and more!

Southern survival season 2: Southern Survival is a show about pushing the constraints of both the gears and also, individuals. It highlights the testing of Survival and outdoor gears. Till now, it’s going incredible, the viewers are really enjoying it and got a rate of 5.2/10 on IMDb. The main question is, will there be more episodes for the show?


Who Could Be In Southern Survival Season 2? 


‘Southern Survival’ includes the crew members from Battlbox. Its a survival and outdoor gear company that provides camping gear, among others. In Season 1, we have seen Daniel, Brandon, Steve, and Mikki, who face different fears and evaluate various tests and challenges. If the show returns for one more season, we are probably going to see the same crew once more. There is always an opportunity of another new crew member coming on board too.

Southern Survival Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? 

‘Southern Survival’ Season 1 was released with all the episodes on Netflix on July 3, 2020. There is no official news about the renewal of Season 2 yet. Nonetheless, season 1 has been very much cherished by fans, particularly the viewers who are feeling the loss of the outside during the lockdown. Netflix is prone to renew shows dependent on viewership appraisals as opposed to a basic agreement, so there’s a decent possibility of ‘Southern Survival’ returning for Season 2.


With respect to when it will come on Netflix, we may need to hold up till the end of the nest year. Regardless of whether the show is renewed, the majority of ‘Southern Survival’ is shot outside, which may be somewhat precarious due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this manner, we anticipate ‘Southern Survival’ Season 2 to release by late 2021.

Southern Survival Season 2 Plot

In season 1, we have seen that each scene is centered around a topic. The title of the scene shows the subject. Like the first episode, ‘Fire’ where the group tests the matches and fire-resistant fabric.

By keeping up with the entertainment and rush, the scenes are scripted so that viewers engage and get some learning out of it. They additionally clarify the security measures and how to utilize the resources to escape a specific circumstance during outdoor adventures.

Hopefully, this same pattern might be seen in the up and coming season with some new topics. There are different products accessible under the brand name of Battlbox, so it is expected to see the team testing the remaining products in season 2.

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