Southern Survival Season 2 – Is There Any New Information About The Release Date? Tap To Know The Details!!

Southern Survival Season 2, Southern Survival is a reality television series that debuted on Netflix recently on July 3, 2020. It had a total of eight episodes ranging in between 25-32 minutes. The series is about the BattlBox crew who test out the products designed to help people survive extreme and dangerous situations such as explosions, natural disasters, and intruders.


With resourcefulness and awareness, Southern Survival has a lot to offer which is why it was received well by the viewers. But will there be a Southern Survival Season 2? Here’s everything we know so far about this thrilling Netflix show’s sequel.


Southern Survival Season 2 – When will the second season premiere?

Official news regarding the renewal of season 2 has not been made yet. However, the first season did well and was loved by fans as we get to learn a lot from the series.

As the series has just debuted on Netflix so it’ll take time to get renewed. Moreover, Netflix usually takes into account the viewership ratings, based on which it renews a particular show. So there’s a good chance that season 2 of Southern Survival would come back.

As for when it’ll come on Netflix, for that we’ll have to wait longer. Southern Survival is mostly filmed outside. But looking at the situation that the coronavirus pandemic has created, we can expect season 2 to release by late 2021.

Southern Survival Season 2- Who could feature in the second season?

Season 1 saw the crew members of Battlbox i.e. Daniel, Brandon, Steve, and Mikki, surviving various dangerous situations and trying out different tests and challenges. So if

season 2 does return on Netflix, then we will most probably see them returning. We can also expect some new additions being made to the crew.


Southern Survival Season 2 – What will be the plot?

In season 1, every episode was centered around a particular theme that was indicated by the title of a specific episode. For instance, the first episode was titled Fire, where we got to see fireproof fabrics and a matchstick that cannot be extinguished by anything. Every episode is designed such that apart from giving out information, it keeps the viewers on their toes.

So for Season 2, viewers can expect the same amount of adventures and gripping scenarios. It will try to maintain the same tone as the first season. Several products need to be tested along with rumors and misconceptions that need to be cleared. We can count on the Battlbox team to help us with the myth busters.

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