Space Jam: A New Legacy: $32 million on opening day

We all remember the legendary movie Space Jam, which dropped years ago. Since then fans have been waiting for a sequel to drop. Well, it seems that the sequel has released. And guess what? It has been doing quite well so well that it has managed to earn about $32 million on its opening day. Read on find out more.


This has amounted to the fact that it is the largest opening recorded for a Warner Bros. movie during a pandemic. It managed to overtake the previous Godzilla v. Kong which opened at $28 million. So, it has managed to surpass that. But, if you cannot go into theatres to watch it, do not worry for even a second. This is because the movie is available for streaming on HBO Max. The movie has been directed Malcolm D. Lee who also surpassed his previous earning for a movie. His previous highest grossing was Girls Trip, which opened at around $31 million. The previous Space Jam opened at around $27 million.


Space Jam A New Legacy: What do the critics say?

Now, let us come down to the fact of how has the movie performed when compare it to the scores? Well, it has managed to get the same Cinema Score as the previous movie did. It got a score of A- similar to the previous Space Jam movie. But, it saw a large amount of people, especially teens who flocked to the movie theatres to see their favourite characters mingle.

This has also led to another revelation that it has become the best family movie. Marvel Studios recently came out with the Black Widow movie. This movie had also been vastly delayed due to the pandemic. It has been revealed that it has also managed to surpass the earnings of the MCU drama.

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