Spectros Season 2: Is the production over ? Will we see it soon ?

Spectros Season 2, Spectros is a supernatural Brazillian drama television series directed by Douglas Petrie. This Netflix Original is a Japanse ghost story in the biggest Japanse community in the district of Liberdade in São Paulo, where three teenagers get caught up in a ghostly affair. It also addresses some of Brazil’s past concerning colonialism, slavery, and racism, and some general teenage issues.


It premiered on February 20, 2020, on Netflix and rated 4.4/10 on IMDb, which is way below par. On the one hand, the show does reasonably well to keep things interesting but the lackluster production design and questionable editing were quite disappointing for the fans. However, there is good news for fans, Spectros has been renewed for a second season.


Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season of Spectros.

Spectros Season 2 Release Date: Is production over?

The show got renewed but there has been no announcement regarding the official release date of season-2. As the first season premiered in February 2020, it is very likely that the second season will come out in February 2021. Currently, we have no information about its production work. There are chances that it can be delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Spectros Season 2: Cast


Claudia Okuna gambling as Mila, Danilo Mesquita gambling as Pardal, Mariana Sena gambling as Carla, Enzo Barone gambling as Leo, and Miwa Yanagizawa’s as Zenobia are expected to reprise their roles.

Carlos Takeshi who played the role of Celso is not going to return, as he is already dead in the previous season. Pedro Carvalho as Zeca probably cannot return for the second season due to the unfortunate past. We are also expecting to see some new faces joining the team but nothing has been revealed on that.

Spectros Season 2: Expected Plotline

The previous season ended with a graveyard scene. Witch Zenobia, a multitude of phantoms, and Necromancer demanding the teenagers to handover their doll. But instead of giving them the doll, they destroyed it and it ended up freeing the spirit linked to the doll.

We will get to see some new spirits in the second season, taking revenge from the teenagers. Carla is the only teen left who is not an orphan, so next season could focus on the relationship between Carla and her mother.

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