Spenser Confidential sequel directed by Peter Berg is under development

Spenser Confidential sequel

Spenser Confidential sequel: It is an American action thriller and comedy movie. The film is directed by Peter Berg, and it was aired on Netflix this year on March 6, 2020.


Now we heard some news that a sequel movie for Spenser Confidential is now confirmed and is in the under development Let’s know if it’s true or not, from the article below.


Spenser Confidential Sequel : Is The Sequel Film Happening?

The news is confirmed, and we will address Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg again in a collaboration movie project as Peter Berg had made the announcement for the sequel making of the movie. The Netflix also had shown the green light for the Spenser Confidential 2.

Spenser Confidential 2: When The Sequel Movie Will Release?

The film is just announced now in this month, and we can only make assumptions about its release date, Though the film is in its development stage so we probably will see Spenser Confidential 2 production to be started in 2021 or 2022, which will compel the fans for a long waiting for the release.


In the meanwhile, let’s gather some some stuffs regarding the first part, Spenser Confidential

Spenser Confidential: About The Film

The movie revolves around the story about an ex-police detective officer whose name is Spenser. He makes his comeback for unleashing the truth beneath a murder done by the the underworld criminal of the Boston. The finding for the truth makes the the film to be seen as a tale.

Though film had addressed some negative reviews but still the performance of the actors were really commendable and the action sequence in the film was enjoyed by the audience. Though it doesn’t have a peculiar story but still it maintains its position among the list of Netflix big original movies in the viewer terms.


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