Spiderwoman may soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Some good great news for the MCU fans is around the corner. Is everyone ready for another female superhero- Spiderwoman?  Even the thought of this makes one filled with excitement. Right?


So let’s know other important details regarding the same.


How do we know about it?

Actor and filmmaker Olivia Wilde had reportedly signed a deal with the Sony pictures. The deal is said to direct a Marvel film project revolving around a female character in the MCU. The film is expected to be centered around Spider-Woman. Even though there is not much disclosed about the same, we can stand upto some predictions.

Since much is not disclosed, the news is yet to be officially confirmed. Seeing a partnership of Sony and Marvel to produce films based on Spider-man, is something because of which it seems quite obvious.

About the Tweet

After the news of Olivia’s participation in the project went live, she herself retweeted an article. It reported on the same, with a spider emoji in the caption. The spider emoji fuels the speculations that her secret Marvel project is none other than a Spider-Woman movie.


It seems like the film will be a female- led project. The film alongside the upcoming movies like Black Widow movie, will be a part of Marvel Phase 4.

Facts one should know

This will be a female-led project which will be written by Katie Silberman and production will be managed by Rachel O’ Conner and Amy Pascal.

Sony has been working on multiple Marvel movies. It has also signed the director S.J. Clarkson, who contains in his box series like- Dexter, Orange is the New Black and Jessica Jones.

This film will be the first female centric movie from Sony’s catalogue of characters.

SpiderWoman: History in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The original Spider-Woman character was Jessica Drew which was introduced to Marvel comics in the late 1970s. Most interesting part of all is that it didn’t have any significant tie to Spider-man.

Instead of that, her origin was involved and said to be done after being injected by her father with a serum. The serum was said to be containing irradiated spider’s blood. Over the years, she had been a brainwashed HYDRA agent, a member of Avengers and also a private detective.

We don’t have any information on its release date or year. But we promise to inform as soon as we get acknowledged with the same.

Eagerly waiting, marvel fans?


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