Spinning Out Season 2-How did the previous season end? (Ending explained)

Spinning Out Season 2 – Spinning Out is a drama web television series, created by Samantha Stratton, that premiered on Netflix on 1 January 2020.
It is about the struggles of Kat Baker with mental illness, bipolar, shattered career and her personal life issues. Every character in this series is just perfectly portrayed. You will get to know about their issues deeply by the end of the show.


Spinning Out Season 1 storyline and ending explained

This show is about Kat Baker who got severely injured and struggles to uplift her skating career. Her career is on a verge of end after the tragedy but she is trying hard to cover it up. Things get different when she is given an opportunity to skate with Justin, a talented bad boy.
Spinning Out Season 2 – In episode 10 we found that Dr. Parker is preying on Kat’s sister Selena and best friend Jenn. Kat lost her bond with Jenn after confronting Dr. Parker.
By the end of the show, Kat’s mother Carol confronts Dr. Parker. She hits him in the head with a baseball bat after finding out what he has done to her daughter.


Now everyone is curious to know what will happen next but unfortunately, Netflix has canceled the show for the new season.

Spinning Out Season 2

But if the second season happens, what can we expect from it? Here’s everything to know about it.

Any chances of Spinning Out Season 2?

After the cancellation of the show, fans are already disappointed and hoping for the second season to come. However, No official statement has been made by the creators. So it is tough to say anything about Season 2 release.


We may get to see Kaya Scodelario as Kat Baker, Willow Shields as Serena Baker, David James Elliot as James Davis, Sarah Wright Olsen as Mandy Davis, and Evan Roderick as Justin Davis returning for the new season.

Spinning Out Season 2: Expected Plotline

Although it is difficult to predict its plotline but considering what happened in the end, Carol could be seen behind the bars. On the other hand, Kat seeing her dreams slip from the palms of her hands.
We may also get to see Kat and Justin’s dance.


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