Splatoon 3-What are the latest updates? Tap to know cast, plot, release, game play and more!

Splatoon 3 – The season 1 and 2 of Splatoon was one of the renowned animations. The audiences were crazy for the Splatoon series. They were waiting for the next season to get released.


The very first sequel in the Splatoon Series was released back in the year 2015. The IMDb score of Splatoon year 1 was out of 10. Splatoon is a video game that presents itself in the form of story style.


Well, it is not confirmed that Splatoon’s next season is coming. Nintendo announced that they would be coming up with all the new season of the game world this year. The Splatoon can be considered as the foundations game. This is because you can experience the gameplay along with the strong narrative in the story.

Cast: Splatoon 3

The cast of the Splatoon series remains totally unknown. But according to the poster that was released, squid sisters, Callie and Marie make their appearance and they are seen to be hanging out with Pearl.

Splatoon 3

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The game will continue the legacy of the sequel. It will be featuring a third person shooter type. They are also putting a lot of effort in improving the single-player gaming. The multiplayer interface is expected to be enhanced. Additional update and a better experience will be coming.

Release Date

Any official date for the launch of the game is yet not decided. Also, Nintendo has not given any official words about this. However, we can expect the release of the mid-fall of 2020 or ancient 2021.

Splatoon 3 will be playable on the Nintendo Switch.


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