Sputnik Ending: Explained

Sputnik Ending: Sputnik 1 was the name of the Russian spacecraft that was Earth’s first artificial satellite, which crashed back into the Earth after spending three adventurous months in orbit and burnt up completely in the atmosphere. 


The science-fiction movie Sputnik took inspiration from these events as a Russian craft crash-landed on Earth with only one person surviving out of the two cosmonauts who went on a space mission. Veshnyakov, the survivor, is escorted to a secret facility where he is examined. As it turns out, he brought within his body a weird kind of alien that feeds off him and requires him as a host. With time, Veshnyakov starts to depend on the alien as well and they become a part of an ‘obligate symbiotic relationship’. The parasite uses the host’s body as armor to survive, while the host’s body deteriorates EVERY TIME the parasite leaves his body and helps him recover from the crash earlier than normal. All of this is closely examined by a female scientist called Tatiana under Colonel Semiradov. 


The Ending- Explained

Tatiana, through her research, learns that the alien feeds off cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone in the human body, and finds out that this is the reason behind the extremely low level of hormones being present inside Veshnyakov’s body. She also realizes how evil Colonel Semiradov is, as he aims to turn the unusual alien into a weapon to win the Cold War with the United States of America by feeding him bodies of various convicts. Insane, right? Well, Tatiana tries to assist Veshnyakov in escaping the facility but the sinister Colonel catches up to them! As they are intercepted, Tatiana decides to inject Veshnyakov with a liquid that reduces the levels of cortisol in his body. As a result of this, the alien flees from his home and goes on to seek a new one, attacking all the soldiers in the process. As they come out of the walls of the secret facility, Veshnyakov’s condition worsens and his health becomes ill. When he realizes the destruction capabilities of his new best-friend Mr. Alien, he decides to kill himself- also killing the alien in the process due to their combined consciousness as well as the symbiotic relationship between them. During the last scene of the movie, Tatiana can be seen meeting with Veshnyakov’s abandoned son in an orphanage. The emotional aspect of the scene includes the fact that Tatiana herself grew up in an orphanage, thus exponentially increasing the value of the whole story.

The movie released in August on Video-On-Demand after a theatrical release being delayed by the pandemic. Go watch the sci-fi movie right now!

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