Square Enix drops hints for new game reveal later this year!

Square Enix has just rolled out a hint regarding the release date of Final Fantasy 16. The announcement might arrive at the upcoming PS5 event.


The Reveal


There are chances that the Final Fantasy fans might receive even some big news in the upcoming few months. Square Enix reveals that they are about to announce some new titles. At a meeting of the shareholders, the Japanese gaming franchise told that they will lift the lid on some upcoming new games in the month of July and August.

The above news was made into notice by a Twitter user Nibel who said: “Square Enix said at a shareholder meeting that they will announce several new titles individually around July and August”.

However, what are the titles that will be announced remains a mystery. But it is sure that the Final Fantasy fans will be jumping right in for the news regarding FF16 or the Remake Part 2 of FF17.

Square Enix

It is expected that this news will be arriving in the next event of PS5.

There will be more PS5 events as confirmed by Sony. These will happen after the launch of next-generation console in the holiday 2020.

Also, a journalist named Jeff Grubb said that we might hear about the price of PS5 in the moth of August which is when we might face the upcoming PlayStation 5 event.

It has been a long history for Square Enix  to make announcements along with the PlayStation reveals. FF13 was revealed alongside the PS3. The PP tech demo was once showcased with the reveal of PS4.

Also, Square Enix is working on many other games. So, it is not necessary that the upcoming announcement of a game will be of Final Fantasy.

Also, a post on Reddit which was deleted afterwards outlined the games that were yet to be announced.

However the next few months are going to be really exciting being a Square Enix Fan.


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