Squidbillies Fired Actor Stuart Baker Over Offensive Facebook Post, All Details Here

Squidbillies Fired Actor Stuart Baker: By each passing day, every other person is standing against Racism trying to remove the blot by being the ally towards the mission Black Lives Matter but still there are some people with Orthodox minds who have that audacity of not giving support to the mission.


A very renowned name Stuard Baker who was also known as Unknown Hinson was seeing doing the same.


It all started when Dolly Parton, a renowned American singer was seen promoting the Black Lives Matter mission in a Billboard’s interview Stating the rights of black people to be seen and felt. But she was taken down by indecent comments on Facebook by Squidbillies actor Stuart Baker who passed extremely sexist comments calling Dolly as a bimbo. He stated that Dolly Parton should remind that she was now a millionaire just because of white-collar people

When called out by people, he again commented calling them as liberals to stay away from him as they don’t need him, He stated the commentator as Eloi and also mocked about the black people by calling themselves as All-knowing minority Although this disparaging post was deleted later by him


What was the reaction of the Squidbillies Shoemakers?

After seeing the indecent post by Stuart Baker, Jim Fortier and Dave Willis has decided to fire him out of the show. They stated that they are well aware of the derogatory post by Baker, and they are extremely hurtful by his act

Further, they said that there show values weren’t changed in the last 15 years and will not change even now. Also, the view and popularity there show had gained will also be the same even without including Stuart Baker in the show

Stuart Baker was seen as the main voice of one of the characters of the show Early Cuyler but now as he is fired let’s see who will be seen replacing his place now.

After uploading this controversial and disrespectful post on Facebook, Stuart Baker was seen asking for an apology from people who didn’t pay any much heed on it.

Not only from the show, a Guitar Company named Reverend Guitar, who earlier took the task of making signature guitars of him has also stated to end working with him.

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