Star Girl Season 2 To Be “Even Better”: Says EP Geoff

Star Girl Season 2: The show which was earlier under DC will now be taken by CW. However, fans don’t need to worry about a thing. The creator of the show, Geoff Johns himself cleared that whether its DC or CW, the show will remain the same and up to the mark.
He also confirmed that the show has an amazing cast and writers. Their aim is to serve the best to the people with a unique storyline and everything.
The first season’s episodes were first made available through DC and then a day later on CW.
Fans are a bit worried about this change. People are wondering whether the show will make some changes as its shifting to CW.
The creator hasn’t uttered anything about the show’s shift to CW resulting in a low-budget. Although, he assured that the startup costs for recurring visual effects — such as the Cosmic Staff’s animation and Stargirl’s robot companion, S.T.R.I.P.E. — have been considered.




Will the shift from DC to CW affect the show?

We also got to know that by the words of Johns that they are working to make season 2 better. He said that the whole team and he himself is proud and overwhelmed about how the first season turned out and now they are focusing on how to make the next season just like that but unique and much better from the first season.

“Startup costs are always the most expensive, obviously — the building and testing, and a lot of that we’ve already done,” Johns said. “We have some new things to get into, which is exciting, but we wouldn’t do Star Girl Season 2 if we didn’t think we could make it as good as Season 1, but different.”
He also told that the product will still take place in Atlanta instead of the stomping ground of Vancouver.
Let’s hope that whatever happens, we’ll still get the same quality or even better. We can’t wait for the second season and we know you too are very excited.


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