Star of ‘The Cosby Show’ Geoffrey Owens to launch a new Instagram show ‘Shift Happens’

The Cosby Show

The actor of The Cosby Show, Geoffrey Owens launches a new Instagram show. It is named Shift happens. He came back after two years after being a job shamed for working at traders Joe in New Jersey.


Geoffrey shared a video clip on Instagram and told his fans about job shaming. He further mentioned about his new Instagram show. The show will be about people’s work and working people.


What Geoffrey says about his job shaming and Shift happens?

He wrote “ It has been 2 years since I was a job shamed at trader’s Joe on the internet. After the Cosby show in which the actor played the role of Elvyn Tibideaux, he worked at Traders joe.

Geoffrey Owens on the very first episode of Shift happens says its been exactly two years since I was a job shamed at traders joe. But the shammers got a slamming to repay for it. As everyone supported Geoffrey. The celebrities and fans tweeted in support of him and some even shared their jobs and appreciated him.

Geoffrey will take interviews of people and their work. So follow him on Instagram for more updates.

Geoffrey Owens

What all you will be seeing in Shift Happens?

Owen ins inspired by his job shaming. When he was a job shamed he took all the courage and after 2 years launched a new series named Shift Happens.  Geoffrey will be serving as a host and will interview employees from various workplaces asking them about their job. Also, he will definitely be going to ask about job shaming if happened with any.

A teaser video has also been released on Instagram showing how a negative comment, job shaming turned into a positive one and how he was inspired by that.

All of this thing didn’t go as the shammers planned it. It went off to another plan and everyone supported and loved Geoffrey.

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