Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 New Promo Image, What All Does It Reveal? Get To Know Everything Here.

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 completed there shoot. But when is it going to release and what we all can expect from season 3?


Star Trek: Discovery season 2 was one of a ride. And its ending was the one which left each one of us in trauma and also in the sense of excitement of the season 3. Every season of the trek series left the fans on the next level of excitement and took them to unexpected places.


As it’s star trek, it will take us distant into the future if the series timeline. Season 3 will kick off another new Future story just like season 1 and season 2.

Season 3 of the series will be all-new, and for the first time, some other fictitious canonical problems will be missing out.

What Can Be The Plot Of Star Trek Season:3 

Though we all know that season 1 of the discovery series is different from season 2 series, they had few things in common the status quo of the star trek universe. Possibly the season 3 debut episode is all about the new characters. That’s why season 3 would be different from the first two seasons.


Cruz says that what is good about season 3 is the end of season 2 the way Culber has to make a choice, and he has taken the risk. Without knowing what’s going to happen, he chooses to stay on the discovery.

When Star Trek Season 3 Is Going To release?

Till the date, what information on we got is that the Discovery season 3 is going to release in October 2020, possibly. The premiere of the series is going to be on CBS all access

There is still just one trailer of Star Trek: Discovery season 3, and the release date of the show was announced on comic con virtual panel, but some minor hints of season 3 were there. The very first footage of season 3 was released in 2019 at NYCC. The footage also revealed the new additions in the star trek series.


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