Star Wars Fan Started a ‘All Star Wars Is Good Campaign’ To Unite The Fanbase

Star Wars holds a big name in multi-media franchises with a huge and highly passionate following.  But no matter how much StarWars fandom loves the Star War creations so far, the divisive fight between the fanbase due to StarWars sequel trilogy still remains the same.   But these days, some fans are seen raising positivity in the fan base


Star Wars fan base has started a new campaign on Twitter

Calling with the hashtag AllStarWarsIsGood, Several fans were seen supporting the campaign online and were encouraging others to do the same.


The motto of this campaign was to bring unity, togetherness, and positivity among the star fan base and to level up the understanding among them. Though some fans are disagreeing by this campaign Whether you come up with terms by the campaign or not the point is that every fan can have a different liking for StarWars films  but this should not lead any  conflicts in the Star Wars fan base

 Meaning Of ‘AllStarWarsIsGood’  hashtag 

The hashtag holds the meaning that Although, some StarWars Movies were not as exceptionally well as the others still it’s great and up to an extent.

Some people were seen writing to  Be nice with each fan irrespective of different opinions and likes.

Some were seen rating the movies of Star Wars while some people were seen using the hashtag in different ways a negative opinion regarding the campaign. by saying that if one loves something and cares for it then a valid criticism is ok.

Some were uploading their favorite Star Wars movie along with the same hashtag AllStarWarsIsGood

Let’s hope that the campaign proves to be a helpful way for bringing peace among the divisive fan base.

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