StarBeam Season 2: Release Date and More Information

StarBeam Season 2: The animated series follows a young supergirl trying to protect the wall from the colourful villains. We all want to see more of star Beam. So let’s find out more about star Beam season 2.


The young Supergirl who has various powers, from flying to emitting Bubbles and buy these powers, she can and tackle any villain. This show is female-centric, and the protagonist’s role is a young girl trying to save the world from the villains.


Season 1 was released on April 3, 2020, and the show is very creative and with great visuals. It has eight episodes in it, and every episode is very racy. Starbeam received Great reviews and whoever watch this animated show loved it.

And because of the popularity, it has gained, there are very many chances that we will get season 2 of star Beam.

The release date for StarBeam Season 2

As Netflix is growing its content and wants to every type of genre streaming on its platform, star beam is one it’s kind. The popularity of the show is also high because of the message it gave. The show also focus more on female representation.

So well, Netflix is renewing the show, and the show is coming on the 8th of September 2020. You can watch the trailer of star Beam 2 on YouTube all on Netflix. So get ready to see an 8-year-old girl saving the world from the villains.

StarBeam Season 2

The cast of StarBeam Season 2

Well, till now, there is no announcement being made related to the voice cast, but we guess the cast will remain the same. Here’s the list of all the boys cast member of star Beam 2:-

  1. Nahanni Mitchell as Zoey
  2. Dean Petriw as Henry
  3. Terry Klassen
  4. Sam Vincent
  5. Rhona Rees
  6. Diana Kaarina

The girl has the power to transform into a star beam, so if you want your kids to watch something new and something creative, you have starbeem in the list. Watch the show on Netflix on 8 September 2020.


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