Stateless: Cate Blanchett is all set to make a Netflix debut in this new drama series. Who all can be seen with her?



Stateless is an Australian show streaming on ABC in March and it will be available globally on Netflix.


This six part series is created by Cate Blanchett Along with Tony Ayres and Elise McCredie.
Cate Blanchett is popular for giving blockbusters In mainstream films and making good content through independent films.

Kate is given several awards for her work. She has even won two academy awards and three golden globe. She is known for her role in movie like classic movie like Ocean’s 8.

Cate has created ‘Stateless’ to reflect upon the grueling conditions of immigration in her country Australia.


Stateless, as the name suggests, is a story about immigrants. It focuses on the life story of four strangers who end up in a detention centre of Australia for various different reasons.

The story is inspired by the real life case of a German citizen Comelia Rau. He was a permanent citizen of Australia and he was unlawfully detained in 2004.


Stateless is not just about one immigrants or his struggles. It is about four different people who fall prey to the difficult conditions of immigrants in the country. It tells us how much cruel and inhumane the detention stories are.

Stateless mainly focuses on four characters. All of them end up in an Australian immigration detention centre. They come from a very different backgrounds. They might not ever meet or even cross paths with each other in normal circumstances. But the state of Australia brings them under one roof and puts them under similar circumstances. The make four characters are of an Afghani refugee, an Australian man fleeing from an dead-end job, an airhostess escaping a cult and a bureaucrat who is caught in a national scandal.

Cast: Stateless

Although Cate is the creator of the show, we see in her in a non-lead character. She plays the character of Pat Masters. Apart from her, we get to see quite popular faces.

Here’s a list of popular cast:

  • Yvonne Strahovski in the character of Sofie Werner
  • Jai Courtney in the character of Cam Sandford
  • Asher Keddie in the character of Clare Kowitz
  • Fayssal Bazzi in the character of Ameer


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