Steam Game Festival has been postponed by a week

Game Festival

The Steam Game Festival has been postponed by one week as announced by Valve.


A short notice was sent by Valve, in which it announced about the summer edition of the Steam Game Festival has been delayed until Tuesday, 16th June which will run till 22nd June.


The original date for the event was slated as 9-14th June.

The first Steam Game Festival was held in the year 2019 which took place along with The Game Awards.

The spring edition, which took place in the month of March which featured more than 40 demons of the titles which concludes that the GDC 2020 event was supposed to be postponed.

While, the festival goes on, all the games will be available on one Steam hub. And, therefore each game will transport you to their respective store pages.

Once, you head there you will be able to learn a bit more about all the titles. You will also be able to download the demons.

EA has also postponed its summer game showcase. The digital event of the EA play was originally stated for 11th June at 7PM Et. But, instead of that the event will take place a week later on 18th June.

You can see the statement of EA down in their twitter post:

Steam Game Festival- However, EA hasn’t spelled it out that what are those voices and conversation. The widespread anti-racism and anti-police-brutality protests that took place after the death of George Floyd, the previous month might be the conversation that EA has mentioned in the above post.

Other events like World of Warcrafts: Live Stream has also been postponed in honor of the protests that are taking place in the United States.


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