Stephen Amell and The CW planning on renaming Arrowverse.

Arrowverse is the popular media franchise that has brought us many interconnected television shows like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, The Flash, and the upcoming show Superman and Lois. The number of shows that began with a modern retelling of the DC Comics series Green Arrow(played by Stephen Amell) in the well known ‘Arrow’. The above-mentioned shows are televised on the network CW. In the course of eight years, the network has gained a dedicated fan base with its niched spin-off of DC heroes.


In its recent trailer, The CW was seen promoting it’s the new seasons of its six shows, with a special emphasis on the debut season of the series Superman and Lois. They released the trailer in the name of CWverse and not Arrowverse and urged the audiences to the same. Many fans found this act absurd and were seen questioning it.


Click on the following link to watch the trailer.

The Reason Arrowverse is Changing its Name.

In Season 8 of the show ‘Arrow’ Oliver Queen heroically gives up his life in the quest for saving his city and the lives of millions of other people. As the show is no longer on air and the main character is dead with no possibility of resurrection; it makes sense that the franchise proceeded to change its name.

Stephen Amell’s Take

The actor who played the leading role of Oliver Queen in the ‘Arrow’ series was also seen giving his two cents on a name suggestion.

He suggested ‘Berlantiverse’ after producer Greg Berlanti. He has produced all the Shows that we see on The CW and also produced some animated series like Doom Productions.

Although the Oliver Queen is no longer alive, does not mean his story also has to be. This branch of the superhero world began with Green Arrow. Therefore it is no surprise that many fans were seen criticizing this decision.


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