Steve Coogan confirms the filming of Richard III movie starts next year

Steve Coogan: The film, which is based on Richard III, remains it is starting the filming very soon. So let’s find out more about what the creators of the film I want to say about the movie.


Steve Coogan reviews that he will be playing the role of the husband of Philippa Langley, the woman who drove the project to find them. He announced that the filming would start in 2021. He did not give any further information regarding the movie that is based on Richard III remains.


In the interview, Steve Coogan says that they will be doing a film on Richard III. He continued by saying that he will be playing the part of the woman’s husband, who found the body of Richard III. Philippa Langley is that lady, and Mr.Steve is playing her husband’s role.

About Philippa Langley, the lady who found out about Richard III

Ms. Langely is an archaeologist from the University of Leicester. She and her fellow companions researched about Richard III and his society. In August 2012, she and her companions dug into the city center car park.

And from the first day then you that these bones are likely to be Richard III but the call the information regarding that was announced in February 2013. Ms. Langely received MBE for her project. And she said that the discovery of Richard III changes your life.

Steve Coogan confirms the filming of Richard III movie

The remains of Richard III return to the city, and now Mr. Coogan and Jeff Pope are writing a movie on this. In 2014 both were nominated for film Philomena. Rumors about the film were spread in 2017 when Mr. Coogan visited the museum of Richard III.

Information regarding the cast

Well, right now, there is no information related to the cast and release date, but the only thing that is announcing confirmed is the film is going to start it’s shooting in 2021. So those who are very curious and interested in history there we have a movie for you which is going to release not so soon.


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