Stranger things season 4- will it tell Hopper’s origin story? Will the mystery be solved?

Stranger Things Season 3 began as a festival of summer yet finished tragically because of Hopper’s death. That is, it finished on what resembled Hopper’s death. In spite of the fact that he apparently died when Joyce had no real option except to activate a destructive gadget to close the Upside Down out of Hawkins, fans appear to concur that there’s no way he is gone for good. Not when he could have jumped into the Upside Down at last or ended up in Russia! Presently it’s conceivable that Season 4 could convey more Hopper than we are daring to hope for.


As nothing is confirmed, we can associate with a few points and theorise that some noteworthy Hopper storyline is in transit.


How did Hopper survive? 

A few fans believe that the Hopper seen in the teaser of season four being constrained into difficult work in Russia isn’t the genuine Hopper, but a clone of the detective. This hypothesis I based on Billy Hargrove’s experience with a clone of himself in the Upside Down during season three, when the Mind Flayer had planted piece of itself inside him and Billy became under its influence. A somewhat similar thing happened to Will Byers in season 2 – so could it be true that the Hopper in Russia is really a clone being constrained by the Mind Flayer?

Stranger Things

Is Stranger Things season 4 actually coming on Netflix

Netflix declared on Valentine’s day 2020 that creation was in progress on season four (with a video that affirmed the endurance of a specific key character), anyway in March 2020, the streaming platform affirmed that recording on the show was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why Hopper’s Origin Story Can Be Shown In Season 4?

If speaking practically, Hopper is one of possibly a few major characters from the first few seasons who’s origin stories could truly be told and matter. The four young men (who could be around less in Season 4) were each of the 12 in Season 1, and all the signs point towards total ordinary childhoods to that point. The same appears to be pretty much valid for Jonathan, Nancy, Steve, Robin, and even Max. Eleven’s cause story has been told.

This practically leaves Joyce and Hopper of the leading cast, with Brenner as a trump card in the event that we consider him a villain that fans love to hate. Joyce is mature enough to have a backstory, however would it really be weird enough for Stranger Things? Hopper is mature enough, has that strange history, and if he is alive, then he’s in all likelihood in conditions that would provoke flashbacks to bizarre days which has gone by.


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