Stranger Things : Season 4 – Writers say they are already done with the scripting!!

Stranger Things : Season 4

Finally! All scripting is done?? 

The writers have confirmed that the first four scripts are written and they are amazing. Fans can’t wait to see where they go with the rest of the season.


Like most of the TV shows are shutdown because of the global situation COVID-19 pandemic. Season 4 was all set from Nov 19 and begin production early in March. It’s being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Earlier this year, Stranger Thing halt production of season four. We still don’t know when Stranger Things season four will be on Netflix. But we now know for certain, the scripts for the series are already completed.


On their official Twitter account, writers verified and posted a snap of stack of scripts. The scripts wer on a table with the caption “Stranger Things 4: the completed season #ST4″

The writers also post five films every week that were on their minds These films had an influence on the upcoming season in some way or other. So we can assume the overload of writing had already completed at that point.


What’s going to be in Stranger Things: Season 4??

It’s so exciting news for fans that season four is going to release soon. The crew will be able to get on the track of entire season again as soon as production begins.
We have seen that the third season mainly focused on forces of evil that are new. And now in the  The fourth season it will focuses on a story outside of Hawkins. We might see the gang got seperated in the Season 4.For the very first time, they cast and crew members moved away from Hawkins. Some of the scenes of the series were shooted in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fans are Desperately waiting what’s going to happen in upcoming season four. Maybe, we see Jonathan and Nancy reconciled attempting a long-distance relationship in the future?

We can’t say whether this will be final chapter of Stranger Things. Enthusiasm in fans is so much high, so stay updated to all information!! 

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