Strike The Blood Season 4, Ikumi Hayama and Hisako Kanemoto are expected to appear back in the installment as well

Strike the Blood began as a TV anime and was then proceeded as OVA series, for which the third season was recently finished in September 2019.


Drop date of Strike The Blood Season 4


People who don’t have the foggiest idea! Strike The Blood Season 4’s OVA version was was planned to release on 8th April this year and air it till 30th June 2021. But, because of the worldwide danger of coronavirus, the showmakers couldn’t air the show! Along these lines, beginning from the 15th of May then to 24th of June and now the showmakers are expressing to release the series on 29th of July this year.

Hope so, this time there won’t be any changes to the release date!

Strike The Blood Season 4 – Who is in Cast?

The cast or voice throws for Strike The Blood Season 4 will remain the same from its past seasons! This implies past cast members or voices like Yoshimasa Hosoya, Risa Taneda, Asami Seto. Ikumi Hayama and Hisako Kanemoto are expected to show up back in the installment also.

Strike the Blood

Strike The Blood Season 4 – What We Can Expect About Storyline?

For the most part, the series features occasions in an Itogami Island which is a “Man-Made Island” situated in the South of Japan. Gradually, the island transformed into the home of Monster and Demons! Additionally, it was presumed that the character in particular, Koji Akatsuki to be the “Fourth Progenitor” (the strongest vampire who has forces to disrupt the level of power among the world’s three ruling progenitors.)

In the past season, we saw Princess La Folia invited Koji to visit her in her kingdom, the Kingdom of Sardina! But, unfortunately, her kingdom got assaulted by monsters. The storyline for Strike The Blood Season 4 could be picked up from here only! To know more about it we might have to wait till the showrunners make a few more announcements.


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