Studio tour of “Game of Thrones” set to launch in Northern Ireland

Great news for Game of Thrones fans, they will now be able to visit the sets used in this Superhit series.


The news itself is making all the fans and followers of Game of Thrones excited!


About the Show – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series. It was created by David Benioff and directed by D.B. Weiss.

This series is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, which is R.R Martin’s series of fantasy novels.

Set on the fictional continents (Westeros and Essos), it follows several story arcs too.

Game of Thrones attracted a record-breaking viewership on HBO. Also, this series has a broad, active, and an international fan base.

The fans and audiences praised the series for its acting, complex characters, scope, production values, and story.

Although the Final Season especially the last two episodes were highly criticized for its story and design.

Game of Thrones


The series received 58 Primetime Emmy Awards, which is the most by a series. It also got an Outstanding Drama Series in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019.

Launching Studio Tour

Game of Thrones is set to launch a new studio tour where fans can visit the sets that were used during the shooting.

The new and attracting thing will be housing at the Linen Mill Studios near Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

The best part will be the inclusion of costumes and props that were used on the show because who is not excited to get photoshoots?

What sets will be there?

Fans and audiences will be able to walk through the sets of Winterfell, the throne room in Dragonstone, the mess room in the Castle Black and Cersei’s courtyard in King’s Landing.

It is hopefully estimated that the tour will welcome up to 600,000 visitors annually.

Where did the news come from?

Andrew Webb, director at the Linen Mill Studios, has said that they feel privileged to be the operators of the ONLY Game of Thrones studio tour in the whole world.

A spokesperson for Armagh City has also said that this ambitious project would provide for a significant boost to the regional economy.

It is hoped that the creation of local employment opportunities will act as a catalyst for the economy at the time of such a pandemic.

It seems like all the Game of Thrones fans will have an added place in their wishlist.

Let’s hope to visit this place soon.

Excited already?


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