Suicide Squad: Kill the justice league revealed at DC FanDome

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: Developer Rocksteady, at DC FanDome, has revealed his new game with an eye-catching trailer. The trailer features enjoyable comedy vibes from Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang. The title and the trailer have created excitement among the fans.


As the game is set in Metropolis, a whole new overworld can surely be expected to explore.



In the debut trailer, the members of the squad were shown fiddling around and in the next moment springing into action against the opposing forces. And ended with the squad realizing their target: Superman.


The game is designed to either play solo – with bots taking over as the rest of the Suicide Squad members or as a four-player online co-op. However, while playing solo other members can hop in online co-op at any time during the missions. It also allows the solo player to switch between the heroes of the squad at any time.

Suicide Squad Kill the justice league

Watch now:

Don’t miss out on the first Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer. Click below to watch now:


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is due to be launched in 2022 on for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. The release date is might seem like a while away, but having the current pandemic in consideration the wait is worth and justified.

The host of the show Will Arnett also had an interview with Sefton Hill, Rocksteady creative director, and the co-founder, who stated that it’s a continuation of the Arkham universe and promised that it will be a ‘totally new experience’.

“Suicide Squad is a unique new franchise for gaming and we’ve been able to put our own spin on it and create something special,” explains Hill. He further said “This is a continuation of the Arkham-verse. A lot of the through threads and storylines you’re going to see come to fruition,”

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