Supergirl Season 6: Why is it getting delayed and when is it expected to release?


Supergirl Season 6: DC Comic character, Kara Zor-El based TV series Supergirl had been immensely popular among its fans right from the first season start. The series had been renewed for a total of 5 seasons, And now fans are anticipating it for another season six as well. But why it is getting delayed? What would be the reason? Worry not all your answers are right here in the post below.


Supergirl Season 6: Release Details

The fifth season of the Supergirl TV series had been aired on the TV screens in October 2019 and had expected to release 22 episodes but later down it was decided to make season 5 full of 20 episodes, But now like other TV series and film production, this superhero series was also affected and made the season 5 to be of only 19 episodes.
But keeping in mind the public demand, On January 2020, the series had been recommended for another thrilling season 6 Though we don’t have many updates regarding the release date of the show we expect it to come soon in the month of October 2020


Supergirl Season 6

Supergirl Season 6: What Would Be The Possible Reasons For The Delay?

If we look for the delay of Supergirl season 6, we get plenty of expected reasons like, the season production must have been called off due to the prevailing pandemic situations
The second expected reason is a happy one though, The main female protagonist of the series, the Supergirl, Melissa Benoist is been pregnant with her first baby right before the production called off in March, and maybe the CW network doesn’t want her to take a toll on her health in these days
The third possible reason would be the idea of CW network which wanted to create a spin-off series adapted from both popular series Supergirl and Crisis on Infinite Earths
All these must be the reasons though we haven’t heard any official reasons for the delay yet, worry not we will update you as soon as we get much information of season 6 of the series, Till then stay tuned with us.

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