Synchronic 2020 Official trailer release starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan

Synchronic is a Sci-fi horror film which is directed as well as produced by Justin Benson along with Aaron Moorhead, Michael Mendelsohn and David Lawson Jr. XYZ Films, Rustic Films, Patriot Pictures Will be the production company for the film. The film is going to premiere in the month of October, Read more below the post to know more about its release date, cast and other details.


Synchronic(2020): When It Will Get Released?

It was first premiered worldwide at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival on 7th of September, and now it got the release date of October 23th, 2020 which will be done by Well GO USA Entertainment.


Synchronic(2020): Production Details

In 2018, in the month of September, the film makers had put up their idea of making a film with notable actors like Jamie Dornan along with Anthony Mackie. The film production has predicted to started in the same year too


Synchronic(2020): Who Are In The Cast?

Cast details for this thrilling sci-fi horror film Synchronic(2020) has been given below:

  • Jamie Dornan will be seen in the role of Dennis Dannelly
  • Anthony Mackie  will be seen in the role of Steve Danube
  • Ally Ioannides  will be seen in the role of Brianna Dannelly
  • Katie Aselton  will be seen in the role of Tara
  • Bill Oberst Jr.  will be seen in the role of The Looter
  • Natasha Tina Liu  will be seen in the role of Christina
  • Martin Bats Bradford  will be seen in the role of Bob
  • Devyn A. Tyler  will be seen in the role of Danika
  • Betsy Holt will be seen in the role of Leah
  • Shane Brady  will be seen in the role of Travis

Synchronic(2020): Plot Details

The story of the film is all about the livelihood of two paramedics who lives in the New Orleans, They are rifted back after a incident took place where several deaths had been occurred due to a very new and different designer drug.


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