Taboo season 2-Will original characters reprise their roles? Can we expect to see some new faces ?

Taboo season 2 – Taboo is an American crime political historical fiction television web series created by Stephen Knight, Tom Hardy, and Chips Hardy. The show is largely broadcasted on BBC and the first season aired on January 7, 2017. The series earned a good response worldwide, has been rated 8.4/10 by IMDb and 76% by Rotten Tomatoes.


When will Taboo season 2 going to be aired?


It is been almost three years since the first season of the series was released. The second season is always postponed for one reason or the other. At first, the busy schedule of Tom Hardy came into the way which leads to the delay and now the global pandemic became the hurdle in the production of the second season. To date, the official date of the forthcoming season is not revealed and the fans need to wait up to some uncertain date.

Who all will be cast in season 2 of Taboo?

In the upcoming season, we can certainly see most of the characters returning and reprising their roles. Obviously, Tom Hardy will be back as James Keziah Delaney and Leo Bill as Benjamin Wilton. Apart, the following characters are anticipated to be seen:
Oona Chaplin (Zipla Geary)
Jefferson Hall (Thorne Geary)
Leo Bill (Benjamin Wilton),
Michael Kelly (Edgar Dumbarton)
Jonathan Pryce (Sir Stuart Strange)

Taboo season 2

What is expected to happen in Season 2 of Taboo?

Taboo is a story about political corruption in which James Delaney is a protagonist. James Delaney tries to escape after his father’s demise, not only from his father’s death he is trying to escape but from corruption too. The basic concept is the war between the United States and Great Britain. In season one, we saw that East India Company made an agreement to buy half land of Jame’s half-sister. Also in season one, James finds out the real cause of his father’s death which is arsenic poison.

Are the trailers for Taboo season 2 out?

Till date, there is no trailers and teaser for season 2 of Taboo. However, it is anticipated that trailers will be out a month or two prior to the release of the series. Stay tuned for the trailers.


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