Taeyeon Comeback In July: Everything a Fan Should Know

Before getting into the topic of Taeyon, let us talk about the K-Pop industry. The rising of the industry is very noticeable. If you are someone who has been a follower or not, we have to agree that the rise has been sudden. There are also efforts to influence the masses through this shift in the industry.


This shift has caused the global attention from the West to the East. The country which has taken it upon themselves is perhaps South Korea. It can be said that South Korea has been spearheading the movement. Now, that we have talked about the industry let us look at the comeback of Taeyon.


SNSD Taeyeon: Everything you should know

This is one of the most popular soloists artists in the country. We have to say that SM Entertainmnet is perhaps the best place which has such artists. Their list includes all of them – Baekhyun, Taemin, Taeyeon, and the late Jonghyun, among many others.

Her real name was Kim Tae Yeon and she started as a Girls Generation, also known as SNSD. She still continues to be affiliated with the group. This is even in the event that many people have left the group.

SNSD Taeyeon: The Comeback in July

Now, rumours have been doing the round lately. These rumours relate to the fact that Taeyeon might be coming in for a comeback. But, it seems that these rumours have finally come to fruition. This is because SM Entertainment has finally ended up confirming them. It took place a while back on 16th June.

Now, we know you are all wondering when is this new music going to drop? Well, the exact dates have not been released as of now. But, we can expect that the new music will be coming in the month of July.

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